About Me


Arielle Sanders is Chicago's hidden rose that is about to blossom! The world better be ready for what this fair skinned beauty brings to the Modeling & Acting scenes. Standing at 5'5 with face of a young Jada Pickett and the swagger of Rhinnna, she is a breath of fresh air to print ads , runways shows, and hosting events all over the city.


 Arielle Sanders was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Throughout the year she remained active in cheerleading, gymnastics, beauty pageants, and speech & drama. Modeling became an interest during Arielle's middle school days. Where she became a hair model for Shunic hair produces , attending hair shows such as the Proud Lady. That itself opened the door for many opportunities. In high school Arielle begin to grow and network with many different people, in school Arielle really focused on how to become a model. There she became very active in many entertainment companies and initiating marketing campaigns. Modeling created various business opportunities. Arielle decided to pursue modeling as a career and become the face of different companies. Arielle modeled for various clothing lines such as Fashion Geek, Coach, A frodisiak Clothing, and Seegreen clothing. She's also done promotional or spokes modeling for Black Berry, Zone Perfect, and Dewalt just to name a few. Also Arielle appeared in music videos for Young berg, Twist, Cool kids, The pope and Ben one and many other known artist. There aren't to many models in the industry who are as versatile as Arielle Sanders.

Arielle Sanders is adamant about leaving her stamp on the entertainment industry and with her drive and tenacity. The shy is the limit.